Final Fantasy XIV Lays 16 Million Players

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV, which was first introduced in 2010 as an early access game, was presented to the computer platform players in 2014 as the full version. Today the game’s current audience has been announced.

Final Fantasy XIV, which is among the games of Square Enix, continues to sell on Steam today as $39.99. Offering fantastic battles to players in an unrealistic atmosphere, the gamers have different game modes, both single-player and multiplayer. MMO game as real-time players played in real time with the number of players up to date with the lip flushed.

According to the news of GamingBolt’ın MMORPG games among the successful names of the Final Fantasy XIV’s current player number of 16 million left behind. GamingBolt, which states that it is being broadcasted in a new trailer for the game, states that this trailer shows the next big expansion of the game, Shadowbringers. With the expansion, new classes will be added to the game and the players will be offered a new set of challenges.

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With the expansion, the user interface and quality of life in the game will also be improved and some changes will be made to the wars.

Today, the Final Fantasy XIV, which is played with interest on the PlayStation 4 and PC platform, is appealing to a large audience with 16 million players.


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