Feudal Alloy Goes To PlayStation 4 And Xbox One!

Feudal Alloy

Launched for PC and Nintendo Switch platform on January 17, 2019, Feudal Alloy is also expected by console players. Steam ‘s highly acclaimed production will be available to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players in the coming days.

Feudal Alloy, developed by Attu Games, has an attractive price tag of $7.49 on Steam. The actors take the players to an action world of the type of RYO, and they appeal to the players from all walks of life with their colorful content. The game is considered to be ‘mostly positive’ by computer players on Steam and it is coming to consoles soon.

According to the news made by VGChartz, Feudal Alloy will be available to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players on May 16th. The game, which will be open for pre-orders for PlayStation 4 on May 14, has confirmed its release date via Steam community page. According to the Steam community page, Xbox One players can pre-order the game on May 15th.

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It has 18 different languages ​​in its structure, including Turkish, and offers single-player gameplay and a variety of battles. Feudal Alloy, which offers immersive gameplay with its competitive structure, continues to be played in PC and Switch.

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