Feast for LoL!


Among the Espor games and played by millions of players all over the world, League of Legends will soon appear with its mobile version. Tencent, who was working on a new mobile game, had made attempts for the League of Legends.

League of Legends celebrates the festival with a wide range of players in Turkey and the world. May 31 to June 21 between only made to realize a particular application server to Turkey, bringing smiles to the faces of the players with special costumes feast. Players will encounter new packs and capsules within the game between the specified dates and will receive new prizes and gifts.


Lol, champion specified dates in Turkey’s players have played the most they can have for free in 1 costumes. With this campaign, the players will be dressed in costumes on the first day of the festival and will enter the festival in this way.

In addition, on the dates specified, 2 costumes will be open in LoL Cafes. As it is known, 1 costume was open.

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The new package announced in-game With the cut watermelon players will be able to win 1 costume crystal. In other words, the costume crystal in this package will be guaranteed. Players will also get more chances to get the content they want.

Aiming to provide players with a more entertaining environment, the developer team presents Box Grabbing again to players. For 3 weeks, players will be able to win the Hextech Set with their winnings from the Summoner Valley or Aram

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