Fate Extella Link will be released today!

Fate Extella Link

Fate Extella Link, developed by Marvelous Inc, has been included in pre-orders on Steam for about a month. An anime-style action game that will appear as a production, can be played as a single player.

Fate Extella Link, which will have different game modes as single player and multiplayer, will be presented to computer gamers on Steam today. Two different packages are offered to players in Steam, the standard version of 77.00 TL is offered to computer players. With 5 different language support, we will enter an action-packed world with anime-style content. There will be occasional dialogue scenes in the game, which will have English voiceovers.

In the construction we will be involved in fast and intense battles, we will go into the depths of a virtual world and participate in the war of doom. In the game where the male and female characters will be present, the characters will have their own characteristics and abilities. In the game where we will fight with a colorful structure, the visual effects will be very intense.

Fate Extella Link, which will have an immersive gameplay atmosphere, is just hours away.

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