Empire of Sin Announced

Empire of Sin

With the start of Gamescom 2019 today, new games continue to be introduced. Paradox Interactive continues to share more information about its new game Empire of Sin. The Empire of Sin will be launched in 2020.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platform for the announced Empire of Sin Steam began to be exhibited today. Developed by Romero Games, the production will be released in 2020 with a single-player storyline. In the 1920s where the prohibition is going, we will have the chance to see and get to know Chicago city closely. We will enter the world of brutal underworld crime in the game of tension will emerge at the highest level.

Announced for 2020, Empire of Sin shared a new gameplay video with the players. You can watch from below.

We will have four different sources including money and alcohol in the game where we will try to manage our own crime empire. Players will be able to take men with them and strengthen their empire. We will be able to develop our allies in the future and give them different features.

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In the game, we will strive to take over the city and try to have the most powerful empire in the city.

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