Dying Light 2’s 27 Minute 4K Gameplay Released

Dying Light 2

Gamescom 2019 Dying Light 2, which took place among the stage games, was announced last year and will be the second game of the series in 2020. The first production of the game with the appreciation of the players will aim to show the same success with the second game.

Techland’s, which has reached millions of players around the world with Dying Light, announced Dying Light 2 last year in order to keep their interest in Dying Light indifferent. The highly anticipated production will be launched in 2020 by action lovers. The computer and console platform will aim to satisfy players with different game modes of production will try to feed the players.

Altchar ‘s news in the new gameplay video that we had the opportunity to watch Dying Light 2, which will take place in a terrible city is revealed. The new gameplay video, which lasts about 27 minutes, has 4K graphics angles.

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The gameplay video, which is reflected on the cameras in their dialogues, includes many new details that will inform the players. A ruined city, unique enemies and some action scenes are among the details in the 4K gameplay video.

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