Dr. Mario World Comes to Mobile Platform

Dr. Mario World

One of Nintendo’s successful games, Dr. Switch has established a throne in the hearts of millions of players. Mario World will soon be playable on the mobile platform. The production will be released for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

Dr. Switch platform provides players with colorful minutes. Mario World appeared as a puzzle game. In the production of challenging puzzles, players move from simple to difficult, and as they progress, they are confused by more puzzling puzzles.

Dr. Mario World

The production will be played for free on both Android and iOS platforms. Colorful content accompanied by action and adventure away from the gameplay will have a variety of visual effects in the production.

There will be different heroes in the production which will be played without the need for any internet connection.

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Eurogamer ‘s news according to this development, according to the development, will be published on mobile platforms on July 10. The production, which is currently being exhibited on Google Play and the App Store, will be playable as of July 10th.

You can watch the trailer of the game below.

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