Dota Underlords Receives Update

Dota Underlords

Launched as Valve ‘s new game on June 20, Dota Underlords is currently being played on both mobile and computer platforms, and the production came up with a new update announcement.

With its release, Dota Underlords, ranked 4th among the 10 most played games on Steam, was played simultaneously by more than 200,000 players. Nowadays, the production continues to increase the audience came up with a new update announcement. According to the announcement on the Steam community page, the sounds of the characters in the game have been edited and included in the game. As it is known, the characters did not have voices.

Dota Underlords

Android, iOS and PC platform production, this update has made great performance improvements on all platforms. With the added level hints, players will be able to learn how to jump faster.

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The update, which adds mobile icons to party members, also makes a correction to the default camera distance. Effects of a better quality of the update are made out of the store was also clicked out of the game was closed.

Full details of the update can be found here.

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