Dota Underlords Joined the Number of Players Played on Steam’s Most Played Games

Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords, which was launched yesterday on Android, iOS and Steam as Valve ‘s new game, is now well known. The production, which has been receiving positive reviews since yesterday, is currently among the most played games on Steam.

Dota Underlords, which has been played since yesterday for free to play, also features different characters. In addition to Turkish language support in the production of 28 different languages, the players in the new Dota world in the strategic battle game will create their own teams and will participate in the struggle to destroy opponents. The heroes of the game will have their own abilities and features.

Dota Underlords

According to Steam data, Dota Underlords is now one of the most played games on Steam. Simultaneously played by 178,670 players, the production outperformed games like GTA V and Rainbow Six Siege. According to this development we learned with PC Games N, Valve’s new game was the 4th most played game in Steam. Released as a free to play yesterday, the production of this success in one day showing the success of Valve’s fake laugh.

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