Destiny 2 Available on Steam

Destiny 2

With the first release of Destiny, it had reached millions in a short time and had great success. With the success of the first game, Bungie decided to develop the second game and currently continues to reach high-income figures with Destiny 2.

Destiny 2, which has been played by large audiences since September 2017, continues to bring action-packed moments across the globe. The production, which continued to be played as single player and multiplayer, was previously offered to the players through the official website. Surprisingly Steam ‘from Destiny 2 to September 17, 2019 ‘ will be playable on Steam.

Destiny 2

The production, which was offered to PC players with a price tag of $11.99 on Steam, will continue to be played by wide audiences today and will be playable on Steam as of September 17th. The game, which takes place in pre-orders in two different packages, offers the Deluxe version to the players as 259.00 TL. Various game modes and other platforms will bring players in the production along with new sections and content will offer players.

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New targets and dungeons will take place in the game and new weapons and equipment will be presented to players on September 17.

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