Dead Cells Fear The Rampager Update Released

Dead Cells Fear The Rampager

Dead Cells, the successful game of Motion Twin and almost taking Motion Twin off the rope, announced a new update. Steam continued to sell with a price tag of $40.00 as the production of the new update was presented to players.

Dead Cells, which has been played on both the console and the computer platform since 2017, has left behind a very successful process. The production is rated as ‘very positive’ on Steam and offers new content to its players with its new update. Fear The Rampager, the 13th update of the game has brought new content to the game.

Dead Cells Fear The Rampager

In the update we will encounter various biomes at high levels and enemies will also encounter some balances. With the feedback from the players, the variety of weapons in the game was also revised. In addition, some balances were made on the items in the game. The waiting time on the guns was reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.

With the level design in the game, some bugs were fixed. Fixed a challenge room that was impossible to finish. Some improvements have been made to the user interface and graphics.

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Finally, many of the bugs in the game have been completely resolved. The game has gained a better gameplay environment.

It is known that the update is now available for download when the file size is not announced.

Update details can be found here.

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