Dead by Daylight: Ghost Face Released

Dead by Daylight Ghost Face

Behavior Digital Inc. ‘s acclaimed game Dead by Daylight, which continues to appeal to a wide audience today, has received a new expansion pack. The name of the package is Ghost Face and the price is $2.99.

Dead and Daylight is a horror and action game that has been played since 2016 and offers more content to its players with its new expansion. Bringing a brand new killer to Dead by Daylight, Ghost Face package contains a rich content. Offering a new killer to the players, the package brings with it various items and content for the new killer. The new killer who has a ghost mask that we see in the movies will impress the actors deeply with his cold blood and speed.

This killer can move very fast and silent, and with a sharp knife in his hand, one shot will be able to neutralize his victims. The new character announced as a ghost face likes to follow his victims, taking pictures of them. The ghost face, who took a selfie with his victims, both alive and after killing, has two unique weapons. These weapons will come out like knives. The young killer, who is young and old, is going to maximize the tension with his unique story.

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Players will encounter more immersive and thrilling scenes with new content.

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