Days Gone Sells Fewer Copies than Anthem

Days Gone

Days Gone, one of the most anticipated console games of this year, sold millions of copies. Only the production of the PlayStation 4 platform and a very successful process, according to rumors that the production has sold less than Anthem.

Anthem, which Electronic Arts developed and published with great hope, unfortunately, failed to give the expected. The production was criticized with its current mistakes and it lost its audience. As you may recall, Anthem was a fiasco in recent weeks. It almost came to throw towels, making it unpopular on both the console and the computer platform.

Days Gone

Sony’s game, Days Gone, was highly appreciated by the players and reached a wide audience. According to information received today, Days Gone sold less than the failed game Anthem. According to this information we have gained with Altchar ‘s news, Days Gone sold more games than Sekiro, but unfortunately made fewer sales than Anthem.

In the news list, Days Gone is at the bottom of the sales list. It is amazing that Anthem is on the top.

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