Dauntless Now Has 4 Million Players


Dauntless, which is among the games that marked last year, continues to reach millions. Monster Hunter World is quite similar to the current statistics according to the number of 4 million players left behind.

Dauntless, which gained quite good revenues in 2018, is now being played with interest on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platform. Unreal Engine developed by Phoenix Labs on the game engine was previously distributed through the official website. The production, which was announced on Epic Store in recent months, continues to be distributed on Epic Store completely free of charge.


As a hunter, we will try to hunt Behemoths who are plagued by our lands in the game we are fighting for survival at one end of the world. Players will be able to improve themselves in an atmosphere of millions of players.

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Players will protect themselves by making various armor and will try to defuse the giant monsters by making deadly weapons. Regular updates include a constantly expanding open world in the game, offering players periodic events.

According to the news that GamingBolt has made today, Dauntless has left behind 4 million players. The production reached 4 million players as of May 21 and continues to be distributed on Epic Store

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