Dauntless Comes to the Consoles on 21 May


Dauntless, which was presented to the computer platform players last year as an action role game, was announced for the console platform while still reaching very nice numbers. On May 21, 2019, Dauntless was introduced to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platform.

Dauntless was developed by Phoenix Labs and launched on the computer platform in 2018 and won the admiration of everyone with its multi-player and multiplayer gameplay. Monster Hunter World’s resemblance to Monster Hunter World, which is often found on the agenda of the future for the computer platform will continue to sell in the Epic Store. On the computer platform, reaching millions will come to the console platform as expected.


According to Altchar news, Dauntless will be launching on May 21, 2019, for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platform. All the content on the computer platform and the consoles will come to the construction of rich content as well as the opportunity to play in 4K will be waiting for players. Dauntless consoles will also be released by Epic Games. As you may recall, the developer, Phoenix Labs, introduced Dauntless to the players through the official website as an early access game.

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The build will support cross-game on Xbox One and PC platform. Players on these two platforms can enjoy the game together.

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