CS: GO Themed Polystrike Appears

CS GO Themed Polystrike Appears

Today’s popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in short, PUBG has millions of players worldwide. The production, which inspired many different games, was lastly inspired by Polystrike.

Developed with the Dota 2 engine, Polystrike seems to offer players a unique action experience. While Valve has been updating CS: GO for years, these updates provide ideas for some games. According to the information we received today with PC Games N, a game called Polystrike was developed with the engine of Valve’s popular game Dota 2. Developed by Mark Mocherad, Polystrike is very similar to the structure of CS: GO.

Expressed as an iconic fps game, the production has been announced as the ‘classic Counter-Strike recreation’. The game features impressive weapons and ammunition, while Dust 2, one of the most played maps of CS: GO, takes place in Polystrike. In addition, many of the classic maps of CS: GO are iconically in-game.

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The game’s alpha version of the game in the published Dust 2 map is shown to players. The version of the map in CS: GO appears to have been successfully transferred to Polystrike.

Players who want to get involved in the Alpha process can donate to Mocherad Patreon and join the alpha. The production will be available in full version in 2019.

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