Crash Team Racing A New Trailer Arrives From Nitro!

Crash Team Racing

On June 21, 2019, the Crash Team Racing Nitro will be available to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch platform players.

Crash Team Racing Nitro will be launched on June 21st. With the original game modes, the gamers will be able to offer a wide range of characters, making it look like they will reach large audiences with their rich content. With unique vehicle models, competing races on different tracks will have characteristics that will affect the players.

Crash Team Racing

In the game, which will take place in various characters, a structure with action and fun will be waiting for us instead of a stressful atmosphere. Releasing new details with players as the date of departure, Activision will also offer events with various bonuses.

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PlayStation’s official Twitter account shows a world full of fun on a newly released trailer. Various cameras, seasons and tracks are reflected in cameras, the trailer contains colorful content. Players will be able to customize and upgrade their chosen vehicles to a faster structure. Players wishing to play online will be able to challenge players from all over the world.

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