Control’s 18-Minute Gameplay Released


Control, which will be presented to the computer and console platform players in August 2019, is followed with interest. In E3 2019, the production was able to make the players curious with its gameplay trailer and content. We will see whether the product will meet the expectation with the full version.

Control, which is one of the 2015 model games of 505 Games and which is frequently mentioned with great hopes, will be launched on August 27, 2019. With a price tag of $27.99on the Epic Store, we will play a secret agent in New York and try to regain control in an extraordinary world.


We will fight in a world full of action and adventure with 3rd party camera angles, and we will encounter supernatural forces as we proceed in a comprehensive and unpredictable environment. Players will be able to access new features as well as customize their equipment with skill combinations.

If we talk about the 18-minute gameplay video released, the dialogue scenes that will appear in the game are shown. Of course, in these dialogue scenes, we cannot make any choices, we can only hear the speeches and see them with subtitles.

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In a game where we control a female character, we will progress by accomplishing the tasks in order.

You can watch the new gameplay video below.

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