Conqueror’s Blade Published Free, Failed to Expect

Conquerors Blade

Conqueror’s Blade, which has frequently been featured in our news in recent months, was launched on Steam as of May 30th. Months before the production on Steam pre-orders, surprisingly released to play for free.

Conqueror’s Blade is a free-to-play action, strategy and RPG game developed by Booming Games. The production, which was sold in three different packages before its release, had a minimum price tag. Pre-paid orders, making the exit was free to play with.

Conquerors Blade

We will participate in medieval battles, conquer castles and defend castles in real time, bringing together real players from different parts of the world in the same atmosphere. We will take part in the 15-player PvP battles, where strategic decisions and tactics will be vital.

With its realistic structure, the players cannot succeed in satisfying the production, we will be able to go on expeditions with our armies, encompass castles, and develop our army to become more powerful. Conqueror’s Blade, which has a similar structure to Mount Blade Warband, continues to provide an atmosphere where the action and strategy are on the roof.

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The production is considered ‘ mixed ‘ by PC players on Steam and is criticized by Turkish players for lack of Turkish language support. Conqueror’s Blade seems to be unable to give PC players what is expected right now.

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