CastleStorm 2 Appears in Epic Store

CastleStorm 2

It was like a new game that led to the explosion of E3 2019 no stopping unknowingly continue to host famous names. Konami PES 2020, Ubisoft Rainbow Six Quarantine and many others continue to promote their new games, while a bomb came from Zen Studios.

Zen Studios, the developer and publisher of games like Pinball FX3, Infinite Mini Golf, announced the release of CastleStorm ‘s 2nd edition. The production, which has a price tag of 18.00 TL on Steam, has been played on mobile, console and computer platforms since 2013. With the release of the second version of the PC platform, which is highly acclaimed, it seems to intend to roast.

The first release was released on Steam, and the second version was released in the Epic Store. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4 game engine, players will appear on the battlefields and encounter brand new strategic content.

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The turn-based tactical game will be available in both PvP and multiplayer modes. The production, which will be exhibited in the Epic Store, will be available to PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platform players in 2019.

The price tag of the game has not yet been shared.

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