Battlefield V’s New Map Al Sudan Appears

Battlefield V New Map Al Sudan

Battlefield V, which has reached 1 million new players with the Battle Royale mode Firestorm, continues to make its players smile with the updates it receives. With an update yesterday, the production presented Al Sudan, a new map to its players.

Al Sudan, the new map of the game, was presented to players on the console and computer platform. As a desert map, Al Sudan seems to be one of the players’ favorite maps with its design and content. In the new map in North Africa, players will compete with each other in a desert themed structure. The new map, which has been specially optimized for trick players, offers players a fairer gameplay atmosphere.

In addition, not all modes can be played on the new map, Al Sudan. According to the information we got with Altchar ‘s news, the production now supports Team Death Matches and Team Races. On the map were structured such as camps, radar towers, and air bases. The new map will include planes vehicles and infantry.

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The new map will reveal an immersive structure.

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