Atomicrops Early Access Game Released on Epic Store


Atomicrops announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch platform, was released yesterday evening for computer gamers on the Epic Store. The production appeared as an early access game.

Atomicrops, which normally has a price tag of 25.00 TL and is opened to pre-orders with this price tag, is sold to $4.19 with a 50 percent discount with the publication. Developed by Bird Bath Games and made available to computer gamers on the Epic Store yesterday for the making consoles is not yet known when the future.

We will try to destroy the enemies that we encounter with the character we chose in the production which is presented to the appreciation of the players with the help of pixel graphics and we will progress by accomplishing the tasks. There is an active gameplay in the production, which includes the day and night cycle. We will fight with colorful contents and we will endeavor to improve our character and make it more effective.

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While there is not much variety of native languages, 11 different languages ​​are offered to the players. It can be played on computers with minimum Windows 7 operating system and has a file size as low as 200 MB.

The game will be released for console platforms in the coming months

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