Apex Legends Solo Mode Released

Apex legends

Offering an immersive battle royale mode to millions of players, Apex Legends excited its players 2 weeks ago with a solo mode announcement. As of August 13, the solo mode of the game was played with the event.

As you may recall, Respawn Entertainment made an announcement about 2 weeks ago and stated that the solo mode for Apex Legends will come. The Iron Crown Collection was launched on August 13th and was presented to the players in solo mode. During the event, which will continue until August 27th, players will enjoy solo mode as they wish.

Together with the event, players are offered 24 new Legendary and Epic items belonging to various characters. The event, which also introduced a new currency called Crowns, will end on 27 August. In solo mode, the event will be removed at the end of the game. So solo mode will not be permanent for now. However, if positive feedback comes from players, the EA can also make the solo mode permanent.

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Players will also face special challenges during the event, with players completing 20 challenges a day will be able to win 700 Apex Coins.

The Iron Crown Collection event will take place from August 13th to August 27th.

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