Apex Legends’ First Season Starts Today!

Apex Legends

Apex Legends, which has been played for free on the console and computers since February 4, is known as one of the most played survival games with over 50 million players. The production will present its first season, the Wild Frontier.

Apex Legends, published by Electronic Arts, was developed with the signature of Respawn Entertainment. Last week, the new character Octane came up with the production today, the first season will present to the players. According to the news of Altchar, the first season of Apex Legends was named Wild Frontier. March 19, which will be presented to players on all platforms today, the Wild Frontier, a new character, which will also offer players Octane.

Apex Legends

The first season, which will begin at 20:00 this evening, will bring 100 different items to the game. In the game, you will encounter a richer structure and the competition with the first season will be greatly increased. With the new content in the game, we will fight in a more fun atmosphere.

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With more than 50 million players, Apex Legends will be the first to play with the new character Octane for the first time.

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