AlienCruise Review


No matter how similar, no more side-scrolling shooter style games will ever come. Since the video games started to spread, this formula is called AlienCruise and we are here with the AlienCruise review.

AlienCruise Review

AlienCruise, developed by E-Home Entertainment for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One platforms, is not a construction that focuses on the story. In fact, in a side-scrolling shooter-style game it’s unremarkable to look for the story anyway. We have a space ship and we go to planets that are different, living with it, we destroy the dangerous things we face and complete the tasks. The structure is completely familiar and unfortunately, AlienCruise does not bring much innovation in this regard.

If you prefer simplicity instead of complex games, you will probably address AlienCruise. The game has a pleasant and clean menu, giving you only a few simple options. Here you can make some adjustments, look at online and local rankings, and enter campaign mode as a solo or co-op.

The controls of the AlienCruise are extremely simple and enable movement with the left analog, and you can increase your speed with RT. You can use the A key to attack and press B to use special attacks.

When you start the game, a short informative tutorial part welcomes you and teaches the basics of the game. Then you’re on your own. You can explore the world of the game in the order you want. The game has unique designs of planets and enemies. There is also plenty of variety. At the end of the episode you see a boss and then you can move to the new section. Although each episode initially takes a few minutes, things get harder over time.


Enemies will appear on your screen in different sizes and shapes, they will attack you whenever you get the opportunity from every part of the screen. The beautiful part of AlienCruise is that each section and planet offer different types of enemies and do not repeat each other. For example, the Land of Neptune has more marine creatures, such as piranhas and seas. On the planets like the Star of Parcaneas, more fantastic foes are exposed.

Although AlienCruise is not a game with depth, it forces you to choose a route during the episodes. You must decide whether you will stay on top, above, or in the middle, but in any case, you have to make challenging enemies and you need to apply special tactics to pass. The same goes for boss battles and can be quite tense. Many of these great creatures can kill you in one shot and you need to react quickly. The bosses also have their own special movement patterns and behaviors like all other enemies in the game. So you can’t understand what they can do at first sight.


AlienCruise is a challenging game in the general sense because section designs don’t make it much easier. Not only do you encounter different enemies in every episode, but you also have huge rocks and you die a lot. You are entitled to a total of 3 lives in the departments and if you use them all, you are taken to the beginning of the section where you die. You also lose the special forces and weapons that you get along the way. As with all of the side-scrolling shooter games, there are plenty of new weapons, shields, and shots coming along in AlienCruise.

The most recent words, AlienCruise, I think the average game on the condition of not raising expectations. Although its content is small, it addresses the people who love the genre, and although it lasts for a short time, it has a nice time. If you like a side-scrolling shooter, you can try harder games if it’s for you.


Both solo and co-op easy to learn the game

Variety of enemies and bosses

Pleasant visual design


Too hard

Mediocre sound design

Short duration

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