Alan Wake And For Honor Became Free On The Epic Store

Alan Wake for Honor

Epic Store, which will continue to distribute free games until 2020, now offers 2 new games to players free of charge . The names of these games were announced last week as Alan Wake and For Honor.

Epic Store, which distributes one game every week, changed this rule last week and distributed two games. New games have been added to the free games that make computer platform players smile. By adding For Honor and Alan Wake to your Epic Store library, which will be free from August 2 to August 9, you can enjoy these two games forever.

Alan Wake for Honor

For Honor, launched by Ubisoft in 2017, continues its sales in Steam at $14.19. In a production with a cruel knight world, the players will participate in competitive battles and participate in unforgettable story struggles. With medieval battles, players will be able to play as a single player if they wish.

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As for Alan Wake, the production, which was launched in 2010, was rated as ‘very positive’ on Steam. The game will continue to be sold on Steam at Epic Store until August 9th. The production is based on a single-player structure that offers both action and tension-filled minutes to the players with its dark atmosphere.

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