A Year Of Rain’s Closed Beta Records Started

A Year Of Rain

A Year Of Rain, announced for the computer platform and has been on Steam for weeks, will be launched later this year. I started to get preliminary records for the beta off yet making the release date unknown to the net.

A Year Of Rain, which has been featured in our news weeks ago, continues to be developed by Daedalic Entertainment. The production will bring together players from different parts of the world with different game modes and will be launched as an RPG and strategy game. Different iconic heroes also take part in the game will sign fantastic challenges.

A Year Of Rain

The production came out with closed beta records, which did not include any information about when to exit. PC Gamer reported that closed beta recordings for A Year Of Rain’s 2v2 mode have begun. We will have the opportunity to experience limited content in a closed beta that will open its doors to a limited player.

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In the closed beta, players will be offered different tasks. Players who have accomplished these tasks will also be able to access some of the content available in beta.

Players can register for the closed beta here.

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