A New Update to the PC Version of PUBG

PUBG Flare

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which were first introduced to computer platform players in 2017, had reached millions while earlier accessing. Making a realistic experience for players by countless updates, the production has added a new update to the test servers.

BlueHole, the developer of PUBG, continues to work uninterruptedly to make the game a fairer one. The developer team presented the next update of the game to the players on the test servers last night. Now the playable patch is not yet available when the launch is not available.

PUBG Flare

According to the information that Altchar made, the update on the test servers is making some changes to the Vikendi map in the game. The update based on balancing will make weapons, items and other content more attractive on the existing map. More specifically, the purpose of the patch was to make the Vikendi map even more attractive for the players.

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The patch improves the gameplay on the map. The specified changes and improvements are organized according to feedback from players. While the blue space waiting time was shortened further in the Vikenden map, some changes were made to support the various gaming experiences. As for the vehicles in Vikendi, the number of vehicles on this map is increasing with the update on the test servers. Players can now access more vehicles faster. In addition, the weapon rate was increased. Players will find their sniper rifles 7 times more.

The details of the update can be found here.

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