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Candy Crush Saga iPhone For PC – Free Download

Candy Crush Saga iPhone Review

Candy Crush Saga iPhone Among the Match 3 games there is surely a name that comes to mind immediately for any of us. You will have seen people play in countless places: on the bus, in the elevator, on the subway … even your mother. Yes, we are talking about the only one capable of unseating FarmVille in terms of the number of users on Facebook: Candy Crush. One of the most played titles in the world

Its success has been enormous and it is probably due to the ease with which it can be played on any mobile platform, either because an APK has been downloaded for Android or because it is played in its version for iPhone and iPad. This, the mobile version, is the one that has been baptized as Candy Crush Saga, King’s game, one of the most addictive in recent times.

The game offers hundreds of levels in which we will have to accompany characters like Tiffi and Toffee for the Kingdom of Candy. You will travel to all kinds of places where your objective will be to solve the puzzles in the form of panels full of sweets as indicated. This is combining some sweets with others to form lines of 3 or more of them that will make them disappear and their position will be occupied by others. Quite a mass phenomenon: it is difficult not to know someone who does not play it.

Every time you manage to eliminate candies from the panel, your score will be increased depending, of course, on the amount you have managed to eliminate at a stroke: if there are many or chain several eliminations you can receive prizes and extra bonuses that help you in future levels. Main features

Since its appearance, this game has been increasing its functions, implementing features to continue engaging its millions of followers (if you wonder how many players this Candy Crush has, they are more than 95 million, to which many of those who play Jelly should be added. ): Different game modes: scoring target, timed levels, drop mode and order mode. Collect candy and progress on the candy counter. Spin the roulette daily and get prizes. Unlock new worlds as you progress through the level. Discover new environments and new characters. Special candies that work as boosters or enhancers. Hundreds of levels with new ones added weekly. General rankings to see the score of friends and competitors. Synchronize your game between different devices by connecting to the Internet. In-app purchases, the secret of your profitability

This game has been quite a phenomenon when it comes to earnings for its developers. The reason has been in the in-app purchases where, for example, you can buy more lives when you run out of the five you have from the beginning (and that would force you to start the game again).

You can also purchase new episodes that offer new levels as well as boosters to overcome them. It is estimated that the game offers 97.7% of its content in free mode while the remaining 2.3% is paid. Which Candy Crush is the original?

The original and true was the namesake and developed for Facebook, which then made the jump to mobile platforms. Saga is a variation of the browser. Soda or Jelly are other versions but they are not the original ones either.

And if you wonder how many levels it started … it was with a few dozen but in October 2016 it was announced that it had exceeded 2,000. And it adds and continues …

So now you know that if you like panel puzzle games where you can join 3 or more elements, you already know which one you have to download … that is if you haven’t been bored with notifications or seeing the progress of your friends on Facebook. News from the latest version New weekly update with more levels and candies.

Candy Crush Saga iPhone Gameplay Images

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How To Play/Download Candy Crush Saga iPhone on PC

Follow the instructions below, it is very easy and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete the game.

  1. First, download and install Mac App Emulator completely.
  2. After downloading and setup, open App Emulator.
  3. Now in App Emulator click on the Search button.
  4. Now in the search box, type Candy Crush Saga iPhone.
  5. Click on the app and install it.
  6. Once installed, you will find Candy Crush Saga iPhone in all apps in Mac App Emulator, click to open it.
  7. Use the right mouse button/click to use this application.


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