Iron Throne Celebrates its 1st Year in Awards!

Iron Throne, the immersive MMO game, celebrates its 1st year with its players. A special update for the anniversary was presented to the players. The update was announced as an anniversary update.

The MMO strategy game played by Netmarble ‘s millions of players has received a new update from Iron Throne. While the game celebrates the first anniversary of the game, players are offered various innovations. Players will have more opportunities to demonstrate their power from now on. Players can also strengthen their favorite heroes and make them more effective in the game.

The newly released update offers players a new mode. The name of the real-time mode of strategy in the game is announced as the Size War, the players will offer competitive battles. Also with the new real-time dueling system, players will be able to train special soldiers such as Ogres, Knights of Death and Dragons.

With the new ‘Talent Development’ system offered to the players of the Iron Throne, players will be able to further develop and strengthen their existing heroes.

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Players will be able to win rewards in the 4th season of Town Mode. The 4th season of the Town Mode with the curiosity of the players will be the winner of various awards in the 4th season.

With the completion of Season 4, players will receive the following prizes.

New Hero: Players will be able to draw Hakkon, a Viking-themed hero who is a mysterious magician. Players will be able to win this award by performing epic tasks.
New Equipment Set: The winners of Hakkon will be able to buy the Viking-themed Helga Set to dress up their hero. This set will give players new skills.

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