How to Download Merge Heroes Battle : Begin Evolve VIP on PC [Windows and Mac]

. Starter Pack 1 and the Top banner and interstitial ads have been Some companion ads are available.brbr Many of the native medieval and contemporary civilizations and cute characters!brCombine the 100 kinds of cute heroes and reach them into a better hero! The heroes of our civilization have not betrayed you!brbr Battle stage on … Read more

How to Download BOMBARIKA – SAVE THE HOUSES on PC [Windows and Mac]

Tired of playing neverending games? brWe present you BOMBARIKA where you can ultimately win the game!!brbrLocked up in a house with a bombs do you have what it takes to spot the bombs and push it out of the house with the help of living room objects??brYES? brbrThen welcome to the world of BOMBARIKA!! brbrTicktock … Read more

How to Download Thinking With Magnets 1 on PC [Windows and Mac]

A minimalistic puzzle game with a thrilling story and high quality music. brManipulate magnets to solve the puzzles with realistic magnet physics. Thinking With Magnets 1 Name: Thinking With Magnets 1 Category: Puzzle Reviews: /5.0 Version: 1.12 Updated: August 8, 2019 Requires Android: 4.1 and up Installs: 50+ Google Play-URL: Download Thinking With Magnets 1 … Read more

How to Download 2048 O Blast! Puzzle on PC [Windows and Mac]

Do you remember 2048? This is a whole new take on a classic. A brand new puzzle game that looks easy at the beginning but gets more and more challenging as you rank higher than other players around the world. It is a competition but a relaxed one but still a competition. brbr2048 O Blast! … Read more

How to Download New bendy : horror ink machine on PC [Windows and Mac]

welcome to Bendy Machine. is funny story game cartoon enjoy the adventure of Ink welcome to Bendy is a devil Nightmare ink based cartoon game. the Game is a Nightmares character hero And it39s look like other older cartoon Game charactersBendy machine is only has two colors which are black and white ink machine.frown Bendy … Read more

How to Download Craft Legend on PC [Windows and Mac]

Craft Legend is a freetoplay 3D Sandbox RPG hosted on IGG39s global shared server. brbrEmbark on an epic adventure with pets and followers fighting by your side. Overcome various challenges such as monster invasions guild wars hunger and more. The possibilities are endless!brbrDo you enjoy adventure and RPGs? Delve into the dungeons and take on … Read more

How to Download MOK: Super Space Taxi on PC [Windows and Mac]

This game is made in Australia by one dude. I don39t like inapp purchases and ads so this one is purchase once keep forever no ads no disruption no highpriced inapp stuff just a plain and simple space ship game that you can play through in a few hours. And costs less than a coffee. … Read more

How to Download Happy Blocks on PC [Windows and Mac]

Build stable construct with the blocks and make them happy!brDo not forget that If the blocks are in motion they are not happy.brThe fear of falling prevents them from being happy.brNow 50 challenging levels included. We will add new levels soon. Happy Blocks Name: Happy Blocks Category: Puzzle Reviews: /5.0 Version: 1.1.0 Updated: June 19, … Read more

How to Download Pointless button on PC [Windows and Mac]

Pretty much press the button for absolutely nothing to happen Pointless button Name: Pointless button Category: Simulation Reviews: /5.0 Version: 1.0 Updated: June 26, 2019 Requires Android: 2.1 and up Installs: 1+ Google Play-URL: Download Pointless button For PC Windows & Mac First, download and install  Android App Emulator completely. After downloading and setup, open App … Read more

How to Download Kaiju Beat on PC [Windows and Mac]

Join the last of the Kaiju in their fight for survival! Smash your way through each corner of the world free each Kaiju and add them to your growing army! You are destined to free the Kaiju. Destined to rule the world! brbrSimple yet complex gameplay that will entertain you for hours yet keep you … Read more