Top Free Games to play on Steam

Steam is one of the most popular game distribution platforms of our time, but we have listed some of the games that can be played free of charge while we continue to offer the important and beautiful games to the players with attractive price tags.

Well-known on the computer platform, Steam includes well-known publishers and developers. Bethesda’s and Capcom’s 2019 model games have made a name for themselves on Steam. With over 1 billion users on a daily basis with free games to play like Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and more.

Top Free Games

We have selected some of the free games to play on Steam for you.

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1 – PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2

Launched on November 20, 2012, PlanetSide 2 is currently being played on the PlayStation 4 and PC platform.

The free-to-play games were rated ‘very positive’ by computer players on Steam. Developed with the signature of Daybreak Game Company and published, PlanetSide 2 continues to be played as an MMO game.

In the production of different maps and rich content, players will face real-time players in different parts of the world and try to survive. The game, which has 5 different language options, unfortunately, does not have the Turkish language option.

2 – Closers


Developed for the computer platform and free to play, the Closers are now being played by a medium-mass player community.

Single-player and multi-player, the Closers have an anime-style atmosphere. Among the RPG games, it was last year. The game was considered to be ‘mostly positive’ by computer players on Steam and was considered ‘mixed’ by some players.

Players will be involved in battles in a fantastic world by choosing from the characters in the game. Offering a unique PvP experience, it can also be played as a co-op and solo. Players can choose from unique weapons, customize their characters.

3 – Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Chris Wilson’s Path of Exile has been featured as a free-to-play program on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platform since 2013.

Developed and published with the signature of Grinding Gear Games, the action continues to be played by the vast masses as the RPG game. Produced in 2013 as an MMO game, construction continues to play with its rich content structure. Although it has been 6 years since its publication, it continues to expand its content by taking the update, and it is taking place on all platforms for free to play.

With the Legion update, the production continues to offer innovation and continues to increase its popularity.

4 – Skyforge


Developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platform, Skyforge has been playing with interest since July 2015.

Skyforge, defined as the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, has received numerous expansion and updates to the present day. Developed by Allods Team, the production was released by on all platforms.

Single-player and multi-player game with a variety of modes on the console platform did not satisfy the computer platform players had a very successful graphics platform. MMO is considered a ‘mixed’ game on Steam and continues to play on all platforms for free.


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