Hounds Clan Tournament Begins!

Turkey, which is one of the popular online game Hounds is preparing to smile on the faces of the players with a new tournament. On May 28th, the final matches will be held tomorrow with the Hounds clans will determine and the clans will be awarded.

Netmarble Games Turkey’s games between players located in the Turkish language support exquisite Hounds offers an online action experience. With the Clan Tournament, he is preparing to distribute awards to his players, bringing real players together in real time. Turkey will face the best of the clan tournament May 28, 2019, Tuesday day will be held.

Hounds Clan

There will be no rank and clan level limit in the tournament that clans with at least 10 players will face. Challenges will take place on 5 different maps. These maps were announced as Harbor, Train Station, Lost Valley, Town, and Sandstorm.

Each player in the team will be given the Razer Cynosa Chroma Tr Keyboard and 5,000 credits. The second team will receive a Razer Abyssus 2,000 mouse, a Goliathus Speed ​​mousepad, 5,000 credits, the third team Razer Goliathus Speed ​​Terra Small mousepad and 5,000 credits.

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2,500 credit cards will be awarded to all team players who have passed the qualifying round to the quarterfinals.

With 100 percent Turkish content and immersive story missions, Hounds continues to reach wide audiences

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