Best Overwatch Workshop Codes


Looking for a list of the best Overwatch Workshop codes? Blizzard has finally published a Workshop workshop with modifying and scripting tools for Overwatch and made it part of the Game Browser. In this way, it is possible to create new game modes and much more. We will also make your work a little easier by sharing overwatch workshop codes.


Best Overwatch Workshop Codes

You can save the scripts and designs you created through Overwatch Workshop codes and also share them with other players. To share scripts, you need to follow Play> Game Browser> Create> Settings> Share. You can then copy the code and share it with your friends.

For now, the Overwatch Workshop is only active on the PTR server for the PC (as of April 25, 2019), but when all problems are eliminated, it will be officially released for PCs and consoles. While we are still in the early stages, we can find the best Overwatch Workshop codes as follows:

Floor is Lava – TGT12: This script, similar to Blizzard’s Molten Floor mode, was presented to the Workshop users and the aim was to survive as much as possible in the air.

DVA’s Bumperkart – 6ZBX5: It ‘s pretty simple, but it’s a pleasant mode. You create a small arena with this Overwatch Workshop code and you have to throw other players out to win.

Helicopter-Watch – E5NGZ: Would you like to control each character as a helicopter in Overwatch? So that’s the code you’re looking for.

Anti-Teabag – 3ZAXM: Do you hate the toxin players? This Overwatch Workshop code automatically kills very often or too heavily bowed players!

CS: GO Gun Game – 9655A: Overwatch players for years are looking for a game with the theme of gun game. Then try this mode.

Basic Freeze Tag – G4NA0: There is no definite win requirement for playing with this code, but it is a good alternative to hide and seek.

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