Sekiro Shinobi – Where are Prosthetic Add-ons?

Sekiro Shinobi

What is Sekiro shinobi plugins and where can I find them? Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice wants you to use your kata man to defeat your enemies, but sometimes it’s not enough. Especially those who are accustomed to FromSoftware or other Soulsborne games are also looking for different powers. In Sekiro, you add shinobi – prosthetic supplements to your character and become stronger.

Sekiro Shinobi

Sekiro All Shinobi Places

Sekiro: The fighting system in Shadows Die Twice is really hard, but you can make things easier by using different shinobi tools. You can put them on your arm and use them in certain situations or against key enemies. In the game, it is possible to use three different shinobi at the same time and we will list their places.

Mechanical Barrel: You can get Gyoubu by defeating.

Loaded Shuriken: Outskirts Wall – Go to Gate Path Idol. Move to the front hallway and take the left shinobi.

Robert’s Firecrackers: Outskirts Wall – Go to Gate Path Idol. Jump into the wall after fighting with the general mini-boss. If you look to the left you will see a flat platform here. The trader here will sell you Robert’s Firecrackers shinobi.

Sekiro Shinobi

Flame Vent: When you’re in Hirata Estate, go up and climb to the tree to climb the wall. There are some enemies around the fire in the region. After defeating them, you can get the Flame Vent through the fire.

Shinobi Ax of the Monkey: There will be a small, uncertain path that you can follow after the fire you found Flame Vent. Follow this and return to your left as you go down. After killing the two thugs waiting here, take the shinobi.

Mist Raven: Bamboo Thicket Slope Take the bridge from the Idol towards the hill. Think to the right before crossing. Take the bamboo passage and jump on the walls. There will be a purple ninja on the top of the building and there is Mist Raven shinobi inside the building.

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Iron Umbrella: Behind the Palace, you will see the Old Grave Sculptor’s Idol. If you clean this area and look around, there’s an open Pagoda tree. Go there and buy Iron Umbrella from the merchant.

Divine Abduction: After you beat the Long-Arm Centipede Giraffe at Gun Fort, you can pick up the shinobi.

Sabimaru: Pass through the room where patrols planets enemies at Antechamber Idol. Jump to the roof below and turn the corner. You will find the Sabimaru shinobi in the box in front of you.

Finger Whistle: Kill Guardian Ape at Bodhisvatta Valley Idol

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