Adding Anduin Wrynn to Heroes of the Storm

Anduin Wrynn

Speculation and speculation finally come to an end. Anduin Wrynn joins Nexus with her father Varian Wrynn and other World of Warcraft heroes. Anduin Wrynn, also known as King of Stormwind, is playable on the PTR server of the now-loved MOBA game Heroes of the Storm and will be cast as Ranged Healer.

Anduin, along with Shalamayne, enters the Nexus to keep his father’s side and to take his place. As a Ranged Healer class hero, Anduin has a variety of abilities to keep his teammates alive. On the other hand, with its aggressive abilities, it will give a hard time to the enemies on the battlefield.

Anduin Wrynn

At the same time, Flash Heal and Divine Star will be able to heal their allies. Divine Star’s ability to double the ability to attack the character’s ability to attack and instantly damage the enemy. If Chastise is his third ability, the multiplier will damage the first hero and make his work harder.

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In short, in the Heroes of the Storm, Anduin Wrynn will also appear as a character.

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