The Cycle Will Start Alpha Test on April 12

The Cycle

The Cycle, which has been the subject of curiosity since last year, will be presented to computer players in the second quarter of 2019. The game, developed on the computer platform, for the time being, will come to the consoles in the following periods.

As you may recall, the news we made on March 23, 2019, was shown on Steam for The Cycle computer platform and we will talk about the Epic Store in the second quarter of 2019. New details about the game came. Players will take on PvP and PvE encounters that made April 12, so tomorrow alpha testing will begin what. Alpha tests with a limited player will be with the registration system.

As a massively multiplayer, The Cycle will take the players into a world of immersive action that will have a multiplayer mode. With the need for internet, the construction will face the players for the first time with the closed alpha test. The game will have 8 different language options.

More News: Dollhouse will be released on April 12 – 17th!

The launch for the computer platform from the Epic Store will not be sold on Steam.

Players can register for a closed alpha test here.

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