Dollhouse will be released on April 12 – 17th!


While the Dollhouse developed for the computer platform was still on display at Steam, the open beta dates of the game were shared with the players this morning. Production will be open beta between April 12 and 17.

The Dollhouse, developed by Creazn Studio and released on 24 May 2019 on Steam with the signature Soedesco Publishing, announced the open beta dates this morning. To be released on May 24 as a horror, adventure, and action game, the Dollhouse will offer a horrific film noir horror story that will setter hairs on players. In the game, we will take a look at the detective Marie’s mind in a frightening adventure and fight for survival.


In a dark atmosphere, we will face sweats and dangers to bring together the past in the construction we will experience a moment of tension. Single-player and multiplayer can be played in the construction will reveal the mysterious realities of the past, we will try to get away from the dangers that follow us. We will be able to customize and improve our character with passive abilities in the production of more than 40 talents. In the game, where there are different maps, we will also compete in single-player and multiplayer competitions.

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Dollhouse, which will be presented to computer players as an open beta from April 12th to 17th, will accept players with the registration system. Players can register for open beta here.

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