Fortnite Expected to Get an 8.30 Update Today


As the most revenue-generating game of 2018, Fortnite continues to be played by more than 200 million players all over the world and offers new content to players every week with updates.

Electronic Arts’ Apex Legends battle royale game after the emergence of the stagnated Fortnite frequently came up to the agenda with the news that a giant update will receive today. Altch is then made according to the news this morning that Fortnite to today, ie on April 10, 2019, will have a giant update. They also shared the file size of the game update that is expected to receive update 8.30.


According to the news Epic Games, Apex Legends Reboot Van system will bring to Fortnite. During the update, information about the technical improvements was given and the file size of the update was announced according to the platforms.

  • PC: 6.93GB
  • Mac: 7.7GB
  • PS4: 3.9GB
  • Xbox: 4.06GB
  • Switch: 3.93GB
  • iOS: 1.14 – 1.76GB
  • Android: 1.56 – 2.98GB

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With the new system that will come to the game, players will be able to revive their dead teammates. With the help of the pickup truck that will be on the map, players will be able to resurrect their teammates and include them in the game. The update of the 8.30 update, which will be the largest of the updates released so far, will take place on the platforms during the day.

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