Outward PC Performance Analysis


Developed by Nine Dots Studio and released outward of the new RPG game made by Deep Silver. We tested the game on the PC platform and looked at the benchmark results.

In this PC performance test, we used the Nvidia RTX 2080Ti and GTX980Ti graphics cards with the Intel i7 4930K processor, 16GB DDR3 RAM, AMD Radeon RX580, and RX Vega 64 graphics cards while playing Outward. At the same time, the computers were also installed with Windows 10 64-bit operating system.


Nine Dots Studio has added many graphics settings to the game. In Outward, PC players can change the quality of coatings, lighting, shadows, grass, water, SSAO and modeling. It also has Bloom, Anisotropic filtering, anti-aliasing and motion blur.

You don’t need a high-tech processor to play Outward at 60fps. When Hyper-Threading was activated, we were able to play the game at a minimum of 68fps.

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Although it is possible to play Outward on older processors at 60fps, there are serious processor optimization issues, and this is because DX11 is used in Outward. You also need a modern graphics card to enjoy the game, because with the AMD Radeon RX580 we didn’t get a smooth gaming experience in 1080p resolution and Ultra settings. With the Nvidia GTX980Ti also fps fell to some 55 in scenes.

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