The Witness Tomorrow Will Be Free

The Witness

The Witness, which played on the console, computer, and mobile platform, first appeared in January 2016. Made with a type of gameplay in Puzzle tomorrow Epic Store at free will. Computer players can have The Witness tomorrow.

The Witness, which can be played as a single player, was developed and released by Thekla Inc. The construction, which was $59.00 on Steam, provided a colorful atmosphere to its players with its open world. Considered to be ‘very positive’ by computer players on Steam, the construction will take us to a strange island with challenging puzzles. Players will not remember anything when they open their eyes on this island, we will solve the puzzles by combining the clues and try to understand what is going on.

The Witness

More than 500 different riddles will be waiting for us in the production of dozens of places to discover. With a very interesting open world, we will try to progress as a single player and we will sweat to solve the puzzles we encounter. The summer and winter theme will be available free of charge to Epic Store tomorrow.

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Epic Store, which offers free play every two weeks, will offer The Witness free of charge to computer players from April 4th to April 16th.

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