How to Remotely Logout of Android Devices

Android Devices Remotely

If you remember, we posted a tutorial that describes how we can remove and sign out of your Google account on Android. This guide describes how to remotely Logout Android devices using another Android device or computer. When this is done, no one can access the Google account that you use on your Android when your phone is not with you.

These days, we usually have so many accounts on the Internet that memorizing passwords and managing these accounts becomes a problem. It is much easier to stay connected to this login every time you want to see your emails. This practice is more or less secure when it is on your home computer or on your smartphone. If you are logged into your Google account on a public computer or one of your devices is lost or stolen, access to your Google account can cause a variety of problems. You probably have an important email in Gmail, files on Google Drive, photos in Google photos, and perhaps much more information. Good that you can always log in to your Google account on Android devices remotely.

Log out of Android Devices:

Follow these steps to remotely exit an Android device using another Android or PC.

  1. Google allows users to manage their Google accounts from any device when they are connected to the Internet. From the web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer, go to
  2. Highlight the “Recently Used Devices” section and click “Review Device.”
  3. Here you will find a list of all the devices that you used to log in to your Google account. Click or click on any of the devices to expand the list. Then you can see your latest activity on it, its model, location, browser type, etc. Along with all this, you should also see a red button REMOVE next to Account access for iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices.
  4. Press the DELETE button to cancel the access, and then select DELETE again when the confirmation window appears.

Log out of Android Apps Remotely

You can also disconnect from a Google account on Android devices and remotely revoke access to third-party applications and services.

  1. Just as you can exit devices with Android, iOS and Chrome OS, you can also exit certain applications. On the same page in the section “Recently used devices” you can find the section “Applications” with user access.
  2. Click or click on Application Management here.
  3. Below you will see a list of all applications and even other operating systems that you have given permission to access your Google account.
  4. Select the application or other software you want to exit. You can see information similar to the previous one, for example, the level of access granted, when it was granted, etc. This will also have a blue REMOVE ACCESS button.
  5. Click or touch the DELETE ACCESS button and select OK in the pop-up dialog box.

That’s all! You have just logged out of your Android device and your device‚Äôs Google account remotely.

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