bNo repetitive tasks for you let your Android device handle it!b Total Automation From Settings to SMS.brbrHere are only bsomeb of the things you could do with Tasker. Its real power is the flexibility to combine contexts and tasks however you wish: a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Ftasker.joaoapps.com2Fexampleuses.htmlampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNGh2LHWKkycgywMuTFxUr2DtLTnMAhttps:tasker.joaoapps.comexampleuses.htmla brbr bAutomationsbbrMake your phone a true bsmartb phone! Why remember to change the volume every day when you leave home when your phone can do it for you?brAutomate stuff based on the bapp you39re inb the btime of dayb your blocationb your bWiFi networkb bReceived SMS or Callsb the currently playing bsongb and many other 130 states and events!brCheck out how easy it is to create an automation: a hrefhttps:www.youtube.comwatch?vs6EAbLW5WSkhttps:www.youtube.comwatch?vs6EAbLW5WSkabrbr bActionsbbr350 actions allow you to truly customize your phone like never before! Send SMS create notifications change almost any system setting like Wifi Tether Dark Mode Always On Display change any volume control Do Not Disturb open apps file manipulation control music playback get your location… you get the idea. If you can think of it Tasker can probably do it for you!brbNote: root is NOT I repeat NOT required for majority of the functions.b However a few of the actions like the Airplane Mode action and the Mobile Data action on some devices require root. Regarding those few actions that do require root this is because of Android security policies that developers cannot work around. brbr bOther TriggersbbrManually trigger your actions via launcher shortcuts quick setting tiles widgets longpressing volume buttons media buttons like the ones on your BT headsets or headphones Bixby button Navigation Bar Notificaitons and more!brbr bJoin Remote TaskerbbrAdding Join a hrefhttps:play.google.comstoreappsdetails?idcom.joaomgcd.joinhttps:play.google.comstoreappsdetails?idcom.joaomgcd.joina to the mix will even allow you to trigger tasks from another Android device or PC!brbr bScenesbbrDesign your own UI and use it to display any info you want or trigger any task!brbr bApp CreationbbrCreate your own standalone apps to share or sell with the Tasker App Factory a hrefhttps:play.google.comstoreappsdetails?idnet.dinglisch.android.appfactoryhttps:play.google.comstoreappsdetails?idnet.dinglisch.android.appfactorya!brbr bDeveloper FriendlybbrA lot of 3rd party developers already allow you to perform actions in their apps and listen to their eventsstates through Tasker!brCheck out a list of plugins a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Ftasker.joaoapps.com2Fpluginlist.htmlampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNHT1S4LlcwyZaxjvu51QAJhBjhBwhttps:tasker.joaoapps.compluginlist.htmla.brYou can also call most of the Web APIs from Tasker with the powerful HTTP Auth and HTTP Request actions! Check out an example a hrefhttps:youtu.beyAt2D1XmgUIhttps:youtu.beyAt2D1XmgUIa.brbr b7 day trial one time payment to unlockbbrGet it here: a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Ftasker.joaoapps.com2Fdownload.htmlampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNHt9WJAPLblOHgbbk0V9p5V5Cg2Ahttps:tasker.joaoapps.comdownload.htmlabrbrbr bUseful LinksbbrStarter Guides: a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Ftasker.joaoapps.com2Fguides.htmlampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNE5uTQoWDez4TB5t54RwABrFruZ7whttps:tasker.joaoapps.comguides.htmlabrPremade projects: a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Fforum.joaoapps.com2Findex.php3Fresources2FampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNHq4UuSEi4gz4L4p5QYHPM2g8hJAhttps:forum.joaoapps.comindex.php?resourcesabrOfficial Support Foruma hrefhttps:groups.google.comforum!forumtaskerhttps:groups.google.comforum!forumtaskerabrCommunity full of people willing to help: a hrefhttps:www.google.comurl?qhttps3A2F2Fwww.reddit.com2Fr2Ftasker2FampsaDampsntz1ampusgAFQjCNEmV6WTCqi1ew1vVzQGIlRiucAqIwhttps:www.reddit.comrtaskerabrbrIt39s not possible to fix problems reported via Play Store Comments so please use the quotReport Issue To Developerquot option in the app gt Menu to do so.brbrbNoteb: Tasker uses the BINDDEVICEADMIN permission in order to provide the System Lock functionality


Varies with device
February 15, 2020
Requires Android:
Varies with device
Google Play-URL:google play link

Download Tasker For PC Windows & Mac

  1. First, download and install  Android App Emulator completely.
  2. After downloading and setup, open App Emulator.
  3. Now in App Emulator click on the Search button in the first line on the app emulator home screen.
  4. Now in the search box, type Tasker  and get the manager on Google Play Search.
  5. Click on the app and install it.
  6. Once installed, you will find Tasker in all apps in Android App Emulator, click to open it.
  7. Use the right mouse button/click to use this application.
  8. Follow the instructions on the screen to learn about Tasker and to play it properly
  9. That’s all.

 Tasker Screenshots

[appbox googleplay net.dinglisch.android.taskerm]

Download Tasker for Android and tablet devices

Google Play Store: Download


That’s it guys For the Tasker For PC , hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and find it useful. For more cool and fun games and apps like  Tasker please follow our blog.